“Blavatsky Studies” by the United Lodge of Theosophists (ULT) about “The Law of Periodicity”

We would like to inform you on the annual meeting “Blavatsky Studies” which will be held for three consecutive days from May 29 to June 1, 2008.
The subject will be “The Law of Periodicity” the second fundamental of the Secret Doctrine. It will be treated on in respect to various relative topics such as the universal Law, consciousness, cycles, ethics, karma and reincarnation, while participants will share thoughts and questions.


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Point Loma Theosophical Archive, Literature and Art Preservation Project Light-Stream House

A new center has been started by ISIS Foundation (part of the TS Point Loma-The Hague) 20 minutes north of Amsterdam, just behind the dunes of the beautiful North Sea coast. In this center “the Lume-house” (2) Point Loma Publications has loaned for study and preservation books, archive and more than 50 original paintings from artists that lived at Point Loma.


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The end never justifies the means

This pamphlet offers several principal thoughts that might trigger a broad exchange of views. We hope that everyone longing for peace and non-violence will give serious consideration to these thoughts. We would gladly receive your reactions.


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The meaninglessness of capital punishment

Which arguments exist against capital punishment, when seen from knowledge of the spiritual side of man?
In the articles below the most essential arguments are presented and clarified.


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