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Evolving gods, men and animals - Theosophy Talk Sunday May 14th

We human beings learn, grow through study, reflection and experiences. Growth means that the power and potential that are innate in our consciousness, are brought from within outwards. In other words: evolution.

But what about the other kingdoms in nature? Does the process of evolution ever stop?


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Plato: founder of a Mystery School - Theosophy Talk Sunday April 9

Plato is still one of the most famous and widely read philosophers. He was not afraid to deal with the big questions of life. In his dialogues the quest for the Beautiful, the True and the Good is central.


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Great Sages on great ideas - Sunday March 12 2017

In this talk we explore the inner and practical significance of the great ideas of spiritual teachers as Gautama the Buddha, Lao-tse, Nāgārjuna from India, Jesus and Tsongkhapa of Tibet.


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Do groups, nations and cultures reincarnate? - Sunday February 12 2017

During our incarnations we learn by experiences that make us grow inside. But we never reincarnate alone, always in groups…


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