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Can life be without prospect? - Theosophy Talk Sunday NOV 12

The doctrine of reincarnation is essential for a practical vision of life. This teaching explains us why the world is as it is and why every human being is confronted with his own individual challenges. Reincarnation is not a belief. It is rather a hypothesis based on reason and logic, that together with the doctrine of karma can solve every question in life.


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Learning from the embryo - Theosophy Talk Sunday October 8

We are more than our body. According to Theosophy, our physical body is our most material “coat”, the instrument that reflects the spiritual, mental, psychical and astral nature of the human being.

Discover how the fascinating process of a growing embryo unfolds…


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Watch the talk ‘Learning from the embryo’ Sunday Oct 8 LIVE on the internet

Watch the lecture ‘Learning from the embryo’ on October 8 at 14:00 hrs LIVE

on livestream


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New season of Theosophy Talks!

From September 2017 till May 2018 we organise Theosophy Talks, with titles as:
- Karma and the rise and fall of civilizations
- The spiritual function of art and design
- How we follow in the footsteps of the Buddha
Click to view the complete program.


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