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The Wisdom of Love and more in Lucifer the Light-bringer No.4 2017

We hereby present the 4th issue of 2017 of Lucifer the Light-bringer. We tried to put together a varied issue that can inspire us, with ever increasing force, to apply Theosophia in this new year, thus exerting a prosperous influence on mankind.


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Lucifer el Mensajero de Luz - Spanish edition of Lucifer, the Light-bringer

Con entusiasmo, presentamos Lucifer el Mensajero de Luz en idioma español. En este Lucifer se presentan los tres Proposiciones Fundamentales de la Teosofía y las siete Joyas de la Sabiduría.


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The Mathematics of Religion and much more in Lucifer No.3 2017

We think we have been able to compose a highly varied Lucifer, with both scientific, philosophical and religious subjects, from the mathematics of Religion to esoteric meditation to the science of homeopathy.


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The Mystery School of the Future - read more in Lucifer No. 2 2017

Theosophical teachings can shed light on all areas of human thought. This second issue of Lucifer, the Light-bringer of 2017 is a wonderful example of that fact. It demonstrates the richness of Theosophia.


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