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VIDEO: Learning from the embryo

For most people, the development of a human embryo is an intriguing process. It evokes fundamental questions like: what is the cause of this orderly succession of phases, which are all directed to one goal? What is the relation with the human soul, the consciousness of the embryo?


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Theosophy - The Way to Universal Consciousness - video of Herman C. Vermeulen’s lecture

Herman C. Vermeulen was invited to the 38th European Congress of the Theosophical Society of Adyar in Barcelona and presented the lecture Theosophy: The Way to Universal Consciousness on the 24th of August, 2017. His lecture was recorded and can be viewed below.


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VIDEO: Evolving gods, men and animals

Growth means that the power and potential that are innate in our consciousness, are brought from within outwards. In other words: evolution.

Does the process of evolution ever stop?


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VIDEO: Plato: founder of a Mystery School

Nowadays we are still struggling with the questions posed by Plato. However, his answers remained hidden to a large extent.

From 1875 much more of this knowledge is made publicly. It enables us to examine Plato‚Äôs message again, learn to understand it and its significance for our time….


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