Great Sages on great ideas

In this talk we explore the inner and practical significance of the great ideas of spiritual teachers as Gautama the Buddha, Lao-tse, Nāgārjuna from India, Jesus and Tsongkhapa of Tibet. All these Great Sages taught humanity the Theosophia, Universal Wisdom, be it always dressed in a form that suited the culture and time in which they lived.

Watch the video recording of this Theosophy Talk in our monthly series.

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Theosophy Talk April 12th The Hague:

Plato: founder of a Mystery School

His significance for our present day and age

Plato is still one of the most famous and widely read philosophers. He was not afraid to deal with the big questions of life. In his dialogues the quest for the Beautiful, the True and the Good is central.

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Introduction trailer

In the beginning of February we attended an expat-event in The Hague.

To give our foreign residents the opportunity to come in contact with theosophy, we made this short video.

Watch the video and see what is still to come this season!

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Lucifer No. 1 2017

Unity calls: how do we answer? ...and more in Lucifer, the Light-bringer - No. 1 - 2017

This first number of the digital Lucifer the Light-bringer of 2017 has been realized for an important part due to the cooperation of different theosophical groups with contributions from the vice-president of the TS Adyar on compassion and from an associate of the ULT on Gandhi’s inspiration from Theosophy.



Symposium Saturday May 20

On Saturday 20 May 2017 we organise our yearly symposium. The theme of this year is:

Compassion and Wisdom
Keys to a harmonious and healthy world

The symposium will, similar to previous years, be an interactive process. Lectures will be alternated with workshops in which all visitors can verify the proposed ideas with their own experiences and those of others

More information and the program can be found on our symposium website.

Course Thinking Differently

Course Thinking Differently in English

Starting October 22nd in The Hague!

A course that helps you to change the world by changing your own thinking...

A course that has helped thousands of people to change their life by thinking differently...

A course that is now available in English and starting in The Hague October 22nd!



New international lecture program 2016-17

A new series of international lectures in English is planned from October 2016 till May 2017. In these monthly lectures you will be given an insight into the key thoughts of the Universal Wisdom of Theosophia.

The lectures will be held every 2nd Sunday in the Blavatskyhouse in The Hague and video recordings will be made available online.

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Portuguese lectures

This is a unique one-time event of three Portuguese lectures, held in the Blavatksyhouse by Barend Voorham after he returned from Brazil where he had given the same lectures for the Brazilian Section of the Theosophical Society Adyar.

In these lectures, Barend discusses the Three Fundamental Propositions and the 7 Jewels of Wisdom, the 7 Nature Laws that are derived from the Three Fundamental Propositions

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ITC 2016

ITC 2016

This year the ITC is held in Santa Barbara, California,
august 11 - 14.

The aim of the 2016 Conference is to explore the active connection between Theosophical teachings and social responsibility, focusing on study and cross-pollination.

Visit the ITC website for more information

The lectures can be watched LIVE on livestream

For the occasion, we also added additional literature on the topic of social responsibility on our Onine literature page


Books Katherine Tingley online

The Theosophical Society Point Loma - Blavatskyhouse has complemented its online literature with the books of Katherine Tingley.

We publish all the books of important authors in their original form, neither changed nor shortened later on by others. This month, all the books of Kathering Tingley will be made available online.

Katherine Tingley's books can be downloaded on this website under Online literature


Who are we? Watch this new video introduction to find out!

The name I.S.I.S. stands for International Study centre for Independent Search for truth.

The Foundation is the external holding of The Theosophical Society Point Loma - Blavatskyhouse The Hague.
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Welcome to the Theosophical Society

In 1875, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in New York. The Theosophical Society is part of a universal, ethical and intellectual Movement, which has been active throughout the ages.

Theosophy is a synthesis of science, philosophy and religion, the three different ways to investigate and explain life.

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VIDEO: Plato: founder of a Mystery School16/04/17 : VIDEO: Plato: founder of a Mystery School
Nowadays we are still struggling with the questions posed by Plato. However, his answers remained hidden to a large extent. From 1875 much more of this knowledge is made publicly. It enables us to examine Plato’s message again, learn to understand it and its significance for our time…. 

Plato: founder of a Mystery School - Theosophy Talk Sunday April 919/03/17 : Plato: founder of a Mystery School - Theosophy Talk Sunday April 9
Plato is still one of the most famous and widely read philosophers. He was not afraid to deal with the big questions of life. In his dialogues the quest for the Beautiful, the True and the Good is central. 

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