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This magazine, of the Dutch division of The Theosophical Society (Point Loma - The Hague) appears bi-monthly. It demonstrates how the theosophical teachings are to be applied in human life. Lucifer differentiates itself from other opinion-magazines through the consistent searching into the causes of the problems. The criterion for this is the extensive knowledge of the Universal Esoteric Philosophy as this is taught in Theosophy. This 'different' approach to individual and social problems gives a refreshing outlook and offers new possibilities of solving these problems effectively.

The 'technical' teachings of Theosophy are never objectives in themselves. In Lucifer the ethical consequences are always drawn from them by applying these teachings to the actual problems with which mankind is struggling. In this light it is nearly superfluous to say that great value is put on the letters to the editor.

Science, philosophy and religion, and especially the interconnection between these three in human thinking are widely dealt with. It is made clear that universal compassion is the basic pattern of Nature. The articles in Lucifer appeal particularly to the individual thinking faculty of the readers. But above all it is demonstrated that Theosophy offers Man a solid foundation for a philosophy of life with a perspective. Lucifer is a publication of the I.S.I.S. Foundation and is available in the form of single copies or an annual subscription.

A notable call for Friendship and Peace and more in Lucifer the Light-bringer No.1 2018

Lucifer No. 1 2018

We live in a world of fake news. People spread consciously – and sometimes unconsciously – untruths or even pure lies. There is confusion. One country sometimes proclaims a truth that is diametrically opposed to the truth of another country. One politician claims that something is a fact, and the other claims that it is not a fact at all. How can the well-meaning citizen find his way in this maze of opinions, truths and supposed truths?

In this issue of Lucifer, the Light-bringer we will try to give you some support. We are convinced that we can get to know truth, but we must adopt an active attitude for it. If we really want to get out of our bubble and reach a greater truth, we should try to build an all-encompassing image in which everything has its place.

The article A notable call for Friendship and Peace gives a practical example of when you rise above your own familiar opinion. It reports a call for world peace from the leaders of the world’s religions.

It is our own vision that determines whether something is true or not. This is apparent from the article How our vision of truth determines reality. So we make our own truth. But we can make our truth, or our alleged truth, ever more universal. We have the capabilities of doing this.

It is that own personal vision that also determines the reality of homeopathic medicines. There are scientists who believe that these medicines cannot work. In the light of their materialistic vision they make their own truth. Reasoning from the spiritualistic viewpoint, there is no reason to assume why those medicines do not work, as stated in the article Is there evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy?

Next three articles were lectures presented at the I.S.I.S. Symposium “Compassion and Wisdom. Keys to a harmonious and healthy world” held on the 20th of May 2017 in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The first article Many opinions … but what is true? discusses the multitude of opinions, which overwhelm us, but we can find out what is true and what is not.
We have the ability to perceive that truth exists immediately within ourselves, for we are more than our temporary vision. We must awaken those abilities within us, which you can read about in the second article We are more than our vision.

Ultimately, we can rise above all those opinions, above half and alleged truths and become wise. Then we see the Oneness of all and lift ourselves above the illusions. This is explained in simple words in the third article From truth to wisdom: wisdom can be developed.
Finally, some questions about karma are answered in our questions section.

We have again tried to put together a varied number in the hope of contributing to the practicality of Theosophy, and thereby spreading it. Questions and comments are always welcome.

The editors

This digital magazine is published a couple of times a year. Are you interested in receiving following issues of Lucifer (free of charge), please subscribe here or send an e-mail to lucifer.red[at]isis-foundation.org*.
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The Wisdom of Love and more in Lucifer the Light-bringer No.4 2017

Lucifer No. 4 2017

We hereby present the 4th issue of 2017 of Lucifer the Light-bringer. We tried to put together a varied issue that can inspire us, with ever increasing force, to apply Theosophia in this new year, thus exerting a prosperous influence on mankind.

Theosophia is the synthesis of religion, philosophy and science. This means that the Wisdom-Religion is neither science, nor philosophy or religion, but it contains all these three elements, and forges them together in their highest, most universal aspects.

In this issue of Lucifer, the Light-bringer, this is clearly reflected in the article ‘The Wisdom of Love’. This article offers a very interesting view on philosophy. It shows that genuine philosophy cannot do without religion and science.

Meditation is usually, and rightly so, regarded as something spiritual. Yet we cannot grasp the idea of it if we do not involve philosophical and scientific elements. This is evident from the article ‘Esoteric Meditation’, of which the first part appeared in Lucifer, the Light-bringer, No. 3, August 2017.

The article ‘Developing Concentration’ interconnects well with ‘Esoteric Meditation’, and it also shows that concentration serves our daily life and is necessary for all objectives.

The articles ‘Nanotechnology, a closer look inside the world of the cell’ and ‘Why hereditary is so difficult to predict’ seem to be typical scientific articles. But if you approach these subjects from a scientific point of view only, a certain ‘mental lameness’ arises, while if you involve the religious and philosophical thinking faculties as well, you will develop a completely different view on these two important issues.

Our articles are not theoretical treatises, but as always we try to demonstrate the practical value of Theosophia. The applicability of Theosophia is also apparent from the answer to a question about current world politics.

As always, we welcome your comments, because they encourage us to express Theosophia more clearly.

The Editors

This digital magazine is published a couple of times a year. Are you interested in receiving following issues of Lucifer (free of charge), please subscribe here or send an e-mail to lucifer.red[at]isis-foundation.org*.
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Lucifer el Mensajero de Luz - Spanish edition of Lucifer, the Light-bringer

Lucifer_Mensajero_de_la_Luz oct2017.pdf

Con entusiasmo, presentamos el primer Lucifer el Mensajero de Luz en idioma español. En este Lucifer se presentan los tres Proposiciones Fundamentales de la Teosofía y las siete Joyas de la Sabiduría. No solo damos estas enseñanzas teosóficas, sino que también tratamos de mostrar las consecuencias prácticas para la vida cotidiana.

Esperamos que podamos inspirar con este Lucifer a mucha gente a vivir teosofía. El mundo la necesita.

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The Mathematics of Religion and much more in Lucifer No.3 2017

Lucifer No. 3 2017

We think we have been able to compose a highly varied Lucifer, with both scientific, philosophical and religious subjects.

The article The Mathematics of Religion discusses the deepest essence of religion, but it also outlines how the most noble aspect of human consciousness can degenerate. Living in a world where religion often does much more harm than good, it is extremely useful to consider the content well.

The degeneration process of religion often starts, because people believe that logical thinking and philosophy contradicts religion. In the article Does thinking exclude spirituality? an attempt is made to explain that spirituality and thinking are not in conflict with each other: something many people - including theosophists – often assume.

In two articles we try to shine a light on meditation. What kind of meditation leads to expansion of consciousness and what kind does not? In this issue we publish part 1, in one of our next Lucifers part 2.

We often get questions about the subjects illness and healing. We therefore think that many readers will appreciate the article The scientific approach of classical homeopathy. This article not only deals with homeopathy but also tries to answer the question what disease actually is.

Finally, we answered a number of interesting questions, asked by a reader, about human and animal consciousness. We hope that this Lucifer may clarify some aspects of Theosophy, so that we are all able to better express The-osophy in our daily lives. As always, we are open to your comments, feedback and questions.

The editors of Lucifer, the Light-bringer
This digital magazine is published a couple of times a year. Are you interested in receiving following issues of Lucifer (free of charge), please subscribe by sending an e-mail to lucifer.red[at]isis-foundation.org*.
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