Visit the Blavatsky House during the ‘Wereldreis door eigen stad’

On Sunday 24 March the doors of the Blavatsky House are wide open for the participants of the ‘Wereldreis door eigen stad’ (trip around the world in your own city) in The Hague. This yearly event is part of the United Nations Initiative, The International Day against Race Discrimination on 21 March.


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Date Point Loma Convivium 2013

The Point Loma Convivium 2013 will be held August 1-4 2013 in Point Loma, San Diego, USA. We will also organize a Point Loma Convivium Day preceding ITC 2013 on the 7th of August 2013 in New York, USA. More information will follow.


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Who are we? Watch this new video introduction to find out!

The name I.S.I.S. stands for International Study centre for Independent Search for truth. The Foundation is the external holding of The Theosophical Society Point Loma - Blavatskyhouse, The Hague.


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Organ Donation

In the Netherlands, the government urges people to register as a donor. They don’t hesitate to use popular commercials to convince people to join the Organ Donor Register. Though not easy to find, there are different opinions available. A recent article in a leading Dutch newspaper mentions some good arguments against organ donation. Similar to those based on the principles of the Theosophia, which we have used for decades in our communications about the subject.


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